In this chapter, Baoyu come home and see Li mama, arguing with his maids until Wang Xifeng ask her to dine with her to calm her. Baoyu spend the rest of the evening combing his maid's (Sheyue) hair. Later, Jia Huan is gambling with Xifeng, Xiangling and Yingr, and cheat. He is caught by Yingr who compare him to his half-brother Baoyu who would never do something like that. Later again, Shi Xiangyun come and is visited by many: Xifeng, Baoyu, Daiyu and Baochai. Lin Daiyu seems upset once again and Baoyu try to cheer her up.

Language Edit

In this chapter, Shi Xiangyun mispronounce the character 二 (pinyin: èr, meaning: two) into 爱 (pinyin. ài, meaning: love)