In this chapter, Jia Huan, jealous about his half brother tries to blind him with the wax of a candle and hide it into an accident but fail, resulting in some burnings on Baoyu's face. He got blamed but his mother wants to get rid of Baoyu and Wang Xifeng. When a religious nun named Ma who is also the spiritual mother of Baoyu arrive, Aunt Zhao gives her money to curse Baoyu and Xifeng. It works and both start to act mad and attack everything. Later a Taoist priest and a Buddhist monk arrive nearby and offer their help to save the 2 cursed characters. We realize that these two are Miaomioa Zhenren and Mangmang dashi, they talk with the jade, giving it back its power to protect people lost by all the perversion around it ensuing the healing of both.