In this chapter, Baoyu express his love to Daiyu in order to let her stop ignoring him. Then they both join Lady Wang to talk and Daiyu come back to eat at her Grandmother's place while Baoyu stay. After eating, Baoyu decide to see Daiyu at the Dowager's place but he is stopped by Wang Xifeng who ask him if she can takes her maid Xiaohong. He accept and leave. He finally talks with Daiyu who seems to be still a bit mad at him. They are interrupted when Baoyu is asked by his father. Once more it was actually an invitation from Xue Pan who also invite Feng Ziying. They spend the afternoon playing drinking games. There, Baoyu meet with Qiguan with whom he exchange gifts. Later, all the girls in the Daguanyuan and Baoyu receive gifts from Jia Yuanchun. Baoyu talks with Daiyu who seems jealous of Baochai, leading Baoyu to start to see Baochai in a different way. The chapter end when Baoyu scream of surprise when he receive in the face Daiyu's handkerchief.

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