In this chapter, Baoyu goes to apologize to Daiyu. They both start crying when Wang Xifeng arrive asking them to join the dowager. When they arrive, Baoyu ask Baochai to excuse him for not attending her brother's birthday. On his way back home, Baoyu visit his mother and talk with Jinchuanr. Lady Wang overhear the conversation and judge it too borderline, decide to fire the maid. When Baoyu keep walking to his apartment, he find a young actress looking a bit like Daiyu writing characters on the floor with a stick. Suddently rain start and Baoyu tell her to run find a dry place while he run back home too. Arriving at his apartment, Xiren takes a long time to open the gate leaving him under the rain. When she finally open, Baoyu angry kick her. When he realize it was her, he apologize and feel guilty. During the night, he is awake by her maid coughing, when he goes by her side he realize that she just spit blood.

Trivia Edit

At some point in the chapter Baoyu said that he will follow Daiyu wherever she goes. She ask him what he would do if she dies to what he reply that he would make himself a monk which he actually does at the end of the novel.