In this chapter, Baoyu is stuck in bed to recover and is visited by Xue Baochai then Lin Daiyu, Wang Xifeng, Aunt Xue and finally the dowager's maid. Lady Wang ask one of his son's maid to come to her, Xiren decide to go. Xiren tell Lady Wang that she heard that Jia Huan denounce his step brother. She also recomend that Baoyu come back to the Rongguo House and leave the Daguanyuan because he is too old now to live among that many girls. Baoyu wants to talk to Daiyu so he ask his maid Qingwen to send some tissues to her. When she receive it she understand and write a poem on it. When she finish it she suddenly fall ill. At the Xue's place, Xue Pan hear from his sister that he is suspected of turning on Baoyu, angry he tell that he will kill Baoyu and himself. His mother and sister finally calm him down, but Baochai still cry all night. The chapter ends the next morning when she encounter Daiyu who tell her sarcastically to stop crying.