In this chapter, the dowager ask Jia Zheng to let his son free of duty in the Daguanyuan until he fully recover. Wang Xifeng talk with Lady Wang about the maids. During that talk, it is decided that Yuchuanr is promoted as one of the 5 main maid of Lady Wang and Xiren is not one of the Dowager's maid anymore, but Baoyu's. On her side, Xue Baochai goes visit Baoyu and replace Xiren a bit whe she wants to take a break. During that time Baoyu and Shi Xiangyun, see Baoyu sleeping and Baochai knitting next to him. In his sleep Baoyu say out loud that he doesn't want to marry Baochai but Daiyu and is only heard by Baochai. Another day, Baoyu go ask Lingguan to sing for her but she refuse pretending a sore throat. Baoyu later realise that Jia Qiang and Lingguan are becoming closer. The chapter ends when Shi Xiangyun is send back to her distant home.