In this chapter, Ping'er stay with the girls and Baoyu a bit before going out accompanied by Xiren. Xiren ask her why her mistress is late in the maid's payment ensuing an explanation of Wang Xifeng's business. When Ping'er arrive at her mistress place, she find Granny Liu and her grandson. Since Xifeng is with the dowager, a maid goes to notice her of the old woman's visit. Grandmother Jia, intrigued by that coeval, ask to let her come to her. During that meeting she invent stories and Baoyu is really impressed by one of the story that Granny Liu made up asking to know more about it. After thinking about it all night, he send his page Peiming to find the place where that story takes place but nothing is found. The chapter ends when some of the dowager's maid ask Baoyu to visit his grandmother