In this chapter, the guests of Wang Xifeng's birthday makes her drinks too much resulting in her wanting to go home to sober up. In her trip she find two of her maids who try to escape on her view. Ping'er helps her mistress catch them and interrogate them to know what's going on. They found out that Jia Lian invited the wife of Bao Er (one of their cook). When they arrive, they hear Jia Lian and Bao Er's wife talking about the death of Xifeng and her replacement by Ping'er. Angry and drunk, Wang Xifeng enter ensuing a fight in which Ping'er get hit by her mistress and Jia Lian threaten to kill all of the three women. Scared, Xifeng goes to the Dowager. The next day, after everyone sober up, Jia Lian is asked to apologize to her wife by the dowager. The same day, we find out that Bao Er's wife hanged herself and wants to sue them. Wang Xifeng refuse to pay them anything, but Jia Lian secretely pay off the family, pay the burial and propose Bao Er to find him a new wife.