After Getting back to the Rongguo House, Baoyu and Xifeng, ask the dowager, to allow Qin Zhong to study in the family school.

Two days later Lady You, come to the Rongguo House to ask Grandmother Jia, to visit them at the Ningguo House. She accept and come, accompanied by Lady Wang, Wang Xifeng, Daiyu, Baoyu and

a bunch of their domestics. Wang Xifeng stayed there all day while other came back at noon.

Baoyu, worried about Baochai decide to pay her a visit. During that meeting Baochai ask to see Boayu's jade and read the inscription on it. Yingr (one of Baochai's maid), hearing her mistress reading out loud the sentences point out the fact that it matches the inscription on Baochai's golden locket. She tries to hide it from her guest but after seeing the persistence of Baoyu, she finally shows him.

After a short time, Daiyu arrive at Baochai's place. The three of them stay there discussing, eating and drinking. They spend dinner with Aunt Xue and decide to go back home just after. Li mama, Baoyu's baby minder being away, they decide to go back unaccompanied, but Aunt Xue, worried, send 2 of her maid to let them go home safely.

When he arrive back home, he find Qingwen and ask her where Xiren is. He then tell her that he asked Lady You this morning to send her Soybean pancakes. He then learn that Li mama, took them away for her grandson. Qianxue (one of Baoyu's maid) arrive with a tea that doesn't taste as good a usual, she explain that the tea who took a long time to reveal its flavor was just drank by Li mama so this one is just not old enough. Being even more angry at his baby minder he break the cup by throwing it. Xiren calm him down and explained to the dowager's maid that came to know the origin of the noise that she made the cup fall down herself by slipping on the snow.

The next morning Jia Rong, accompanied by Qin Zhong, came to present their tributes to the Dowager, that accept Qin Zhong to study in the family school and reside at the Rongguo House. A day is then chosen for both Qin Zhong and Baoyu to enter the school.

IMG 20170525 180104

Baochai's golden locket

IMG 20170525 180050

Baoyu's jade