In this chapter Baoyu and Qin Zhong start to go to school and 2 months later an argument broke into the class and let the two boys decide wether they are going to stay at school or leave.

Detailed resume Edit

Two days later, Baoyu and Qin Zhong start their first day at school. Before going to school, Baoyu first visit his mother, father and join Qin Zhong at his grandmother's. They then go see Daiyu, before finally going to the school for the 1st time.

From that day on, the two boys goes to shool and come back together. Qin Zhong even start to live a few days a week in the Rongguo mansion and become really liked by the Dowager. In bit less than 2 month, Baoyu and Qin Zhong call each other "brothers" and not "uncle" and "nephew" anymore.

We then learn that Xue Pan, also became a student in this school, but not in the purpose of learning but to have sexual relations with some of the students. His last two "preys" were Yu'ai and Xianglian, two young girl-like students that were attractive to some of their classmate. Since they were under Xue Pan's watch people were careful not to approach them even though they could feel attracted to them. Baoyu and Qin Zhong also felt really attracted by these two classmates.

One day the teacher was absent and Jia Rui was chosen to replace him. Xue Pan was also absent that day, loosing interest in his 2 last partners. Qin Zhong took the opportunity to go see Xianglian, and ask him to meet him pretexting to go to the toilets. As soon as they meet, they are interrupted by Jin Rong, one of their classmate and ex-partener of Xue Pan that threaten to tell everyone that these two where having a secret affair. After returning to class, Jin Rong start to telling his classmate ensuing a fight in the classroom where Mingyan, one of Baoyu's page get involve, telling everyone the low-social origin of Jin Rong. Li Gui, finally intervene and let them all calm down. Baoyu accept to not report that incident if Jin Rong apologize and bow in front of his friend Qin Zhong.