The Jia Family is one of the main family in the story of the Dream of the Red Chamber.

It is often linked with 3 other families : the Xue Family, the Wang Family and the Shi Family.

Jia Yan
Jia Yuan
Jia Daihua
Jia Daishan
Jia Fu
Jia Jing
Jia She
Jia Zheng
Jia Min
Jia Zhen
Jia Xichun
Jia Lian
Jia Yingchun
Jia Cong
Jia Zhu
Jia Yuanchun
Jia Baoyu
Jia Tanchun
Jia Huan
Lin Daiyu
Jia Rong
Jia Qiaojie
Jia Lan