Jia Rui is the grandson of the Jia family's teacher. He loses his parents at young age and was raised by his grandfather. He had a severe education as described in the chapter 12.

Death Edit

In the chapter 11, Jia Rui start to flirt with Wang Xifeng, but she isn't interested in him. Later she invite him to come to her during the night so they could be more private. Xifeng makes sure that after Jia Rui enter the house he get stuck in an outside court for all night in the cold (this scene takes place in winter). Later Wang Xifeng apologize to let him accept another date this time in a room at night.

During that second meeting, Jia Rui wait in the dark and see someone arriving. Believing that it was Wang Xifeng, Rui jump on her, carries her to bed, start taking off her clothes and kiss her while taking off his own pants. Suddently arrive Jia Qiang, asking what's happening. The person that Jia Rui took for Xifeng then explain that he is Jia Rong, and Jia Rui was about to rape him beliving that he was Wang Xifeng.

To escape the shame, Jia Rui accepted to write a debt letter to both Jia Rong and Jia Qiang (50 silver ingots each). During that escape he also get a bucket of human dejection to be spilled on him.

Because of the cold, the humiliation, being tricked by the woman he loves and the debt, Jia Rui start to get sick. His grandfater does all he can to cure him and eventually search for Ginseng to cure him. He goes to Lady Wang, to ask her and find Wang Xifeng who tell him that she will send some to him. Later she really send him 0.1oz instead of the 2oz that she claim to have given.

Being even more sick day after day, Jia Rui ask a Taoist monk that was passing in the household to cure him. That monk tell him that he can cure him with an object: the Precious Mirror of Voluptuousness. He then lend him for 3 days telling him that he can only look at one face of the mirror and never return it before leaving. Jia Rui looks at the mirror and see a skeleton. Annoyed by it, he just turn the mirror to see what's on the other side. He sees Wang Xifeng in it that suck him into the Mirror where he can satisfy his sexual desire. He does it a few times ending up dying of exhaustion.